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Denture Materials / Supplies

There is an immense range of materials available to a denturist to use when fabricating a denture prothesis. Our materials are non-allergenic, CSA approved and accepted by the Dental Industry. With this range of materials comes a large range in prices. At South Hill Denture Clinic we stock a number of different teeth options and acrylic options.

We do this because some patients want to exercise their right to select the teeth and price range of their preference. You will find that we extensively involve you in this process of selecting the teeth for your dentures. We provide you options and opinions but at the end of the day you are the one who is paying for your dentures and you should have a larger part in deciding what you want to use in your dentures. Some patients obviously request the ability to provide more input than others and we adjust our assistance accordingly.



Since we have a lab on the premises as well we closely work with many Dentists in town and this allows us to fabricate many other devices.

Some of these items would be:

  • Mouthguards
  • Grinding appliances
  • Crowns or crown and bridge work
  • TMJ devices
  • and many other devices

You may have to go through a Dentist in order for us to provide you this service but if you were to call us we can provide you names and numbers of Dentists we recommend in the area.

In addition there are a large number of dentists in the area that send all there dentures to us to complete all the lab procedures.

This can be valuable if you have a Dentist whom you trust and love because you get their medical input and our professionalism working together to provide you a fantastic reliable product.

Here are some examples of the teeth, acrylics, and designs we offer but are not limited to these options:



The sharpness of the anatomy on the tooth.

  • 0 degree / flat teeth
  • 10 degree
  • 20 degree
  • 30 degree
  • 33 degree


  • Medium
  • Hard
  • Very Hard
  • Porcelain
  • Cutter bars

Esthetic Natural Appearance

  • Translucency
  • Color blends


  • Heat cure
  • Cold cure
  • Pink
  • Clear
  • Tooth colored
  • Heat sensitive
  • Hard
  • Soft
  • Flexible with memory


  • Complete dentures
  • Immediate Dentures Complete or partial dentures (dentures placed immediately after teeth are extracted) prepared before extractions.
  • Metal reinforced palatal dentures
  • Partial Acrylic Dentures
  • Partial metal framed dentures
  • Dentures that snap onto implants. Both complete dentures or partial dentures.

We realize that denture wearers often know the precise problem with there dentures, or at least have a pretty good idea. We listen, communicate, and provide answers, that you can understand and appreciate.

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